Teesside University- The Best Choice for International Students to Study in UK

Teesside University

The Teesside University, which derives its name from the river Tees is located in the northeastern part of England. This prestigious university is located in Middlesbrough, a vibrant town in England. Teesside University consistently performs well in the international student barometer survey. The International Student Barometer or ISB is a global benchmark that gives insights into the international student experience and satisfaction at the world’s leading universities. Teesside University stands out as an exceptional choice for international students looking for the best universities to study in UK. The university is well known for its international student satisfaction and academic excellence. The supportive and enriching academic environment offered by Teesside University is reflected in its top rankings across various elements in the International Student Barometer 2023. This blog will discuss all the details about Teesside University, its courses, and why it is popular among international students.

Teesside University in UK

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About Teesside University

Teesside University is one of the top-ranking public universities in UK. It was initially opened as a higher education institution named Constantine Technical College in 1930. The college later turned to Constantine College of Technology, before becoming Teesside Polytechnic in 1969. By then, the college had started offering around seventeen-degree courses. It gradually developed and gained university status in 1992 and came to be known as the University of Teesside. The name was further changed to Teesside University in 2009. This renowned public university in the UK  is located along the south banks of the river Tees in the North Yorkshire area. 

Teesside University is well-known for its excellence in teaching quality and has received nine National Teaching Fellowships since its inception in 2009. The university has received several awards and recognitions for its contribution to the global education sector and society. The Queen’s Anniversary Prize in 2013, gold rating in the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) 2023, First among 130 global universities in the International Student Barometer (Autumn) Survey 2022 for learning technology, Top rank in Times Higher Education Young University Rankings 2022, are a few to mention. 

International Study Centre at Teesside University

The Teesside University offers future-focused academic programs that make you workplace-ready. The university offers a supportive and welcoming environment for international students. This University has an exclusive center that offers pathway programs to help students prepare for their student life at the university. The International Study Centre offers programs for preparing international students for academic success. The following are the programs offered at the International Study Center:

  • The International Foundation Year: It can be considered a pathway program to join undergraduate degree programs at Teesside University. This program is designed to help international students easily adapt to the UK education system. The foundation year course focuses on developing the subject knowledge, English language abilities, and study skills needed to join and succeed in your undergraduate degree. After the 3-term foundation year course, you will be able to identify and progress to the undergraduate degree of your choice. It makes international students fully prepared to pursue an undergraduate degree at Teesside University. 
  • International Year One: In this program, you will be spending the first year of your undergraduate degree in the International Study Center. The first year will be spent developing skills needed for your chosen degree. You will be going to Teesside University from the second year onwards. 
  • Accelerated Pre-Masters Programme: This program is highly beneficial for international students who have completed their undergraduate in their home country. This program bridges the gap between your undergraduate degree and master’s degree in the UK. By attending this program, international students will become confident and knowledgeable enough to pursue a Postgraduate degree in the UK. 

Life as an international student at Teesside University

Teesside University currently has international students from over 100 different nationalities. The university offers a diverse range of courses for international students. Engineering, Business Management, Computing, Animation, Visual arts, Health care, and Forensic science are a few to name. You can learn in simulated real-life work environments. Teesside University is second to none when it comes to international student facilities. The university has a spacious campus that offers a huge library, gym, and student wellbeing services in addition to state-of-the-art learning facilities and a welcoming environment. The Teesside University is the only Adobe creative campus in Europe. The library will be open round-the-clock and offer digital learning resources and technology-enabled learning spaces.  

How much does Teesside University charge for international students?

According to the official website of Teesside University, the standard fee for international students (2024/2025 intake) is £17,000 for an Undergraduate degree. It is £16,150 for a Postgraduate Diploma. Postgraduate taught degree (MSc/MA) for two years costs £20,000. The fee for a Full-time Research Degree is £11,750 for the standard tier and £14,500 for the enhanced tier. On average it costs £17,000 per year for an international student. The official university website will give you detailed and updated information about the fee structure of different courses offered to international students. 

Scholarships for International Students

Scholarships will help you cover a whole or part of your educational expenses abroad. The University allows eligible international students to avail of scholarships for their studies. Some of the popular ones are mentioned below:

  • The Vice-Chancellor Scholarship: This scholarship is for international students with outstanding skills who are enrolling for the first time at Teesside University. If eligible you will receive a payment of £7,000 during your first year of study.
  • Alumni Scholarship: The Alumni scholarship of £1,000 is available for international students who are already doing an undergraduate degree and wish to progress to a postgraduate degree. You will also be eligible if you have completed your master’s at Teesside University and wish to pursue a new postgraduate program at the university.
  • Teesside University Advance: This scheme offers students an Apple iPad, a keyboard, and £100 credit each academic year to buy learning resources.

Commonwealth Scholarships, Global Excellence Scholarship, Chevening Scholarship, ASEAN Excellence Scholarship, and British Council GREAT Scholarships are some of the other scholarships available for International students studying at the Teesside University.

Teesside University’s global outlook and extensive network of partnerships make it an international hub for learning and innovation, attracting top-tier students and faculty worldwide. The university excels in areas crucial to student success, including communication, hands-on training, and career preparation, making it a leader in delivering value-driven education. Are you someone searching for the best universities to study in the UK? Then, study abroad consultants in Kerala will help you get admission to leading universities in UK like Teesside University. Choice International Education is top overseas education consultants in Kerala that offer reliable support and guidance for students who wish to pursue higher education in the UK and other popular study abroad destinations.

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