Online IELTS Coaching

What is IELTS ?

International English Language Testing System known as IELTS is an English language proficiency exam conducted for non-native English speakers. Most of you must have heard about this exam once in your lifetime. It shows the significance and popularity of IELTS.

We provide online training sessions for both modules in IELTS are,

  • Academic
  • General training module

As the name says, Academics Training is for the students who pursue their dream education in an English-speaking country. Whereas, General training is for non-native English speakers who want to migrate to an international country mainly for work.

As we take a closer look, IELTS has four parts, namely

  • Listening – 30 mins – 40 questions
  • Reading – 60 mins – 40 questions
  • Writing – 60 mins – 2 Tasks
  • Speaking – 11 – 14 mins – 3 parts
  • Total exam time – 2 hours 45 mins

Speaking tests can take upto Seven days before or after the other tests. The other three, Listening, Reading and Writing is conducted and completed in a day.Also, Listening and Speaking tests will be the same for all test takers, but reading and writing tests are different and, it depends on whether you are taking general or academics.

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Why IELTS coaching ?

It is the new face of Choice International Education Pvt Ltd. Changes are inevitable in our life. They are the root to our lifestyle.

Do you choose to study in a comfortable place with flexible timing as per your choice? or to study travelling miles away in a distant institute? How about getting your study materials and model question papers with answers to your email ? Or carrying a bag full of books with bookmarks and pens to figure out where to start and where to stop?

The word “online” is not anymore a strange concept to keralites. But do you know Online courses and teaching methods were already there and was popular in the 90’s in western countries. Past few years has changed the way of education for india and many other countries. There is an appraisal of south indian students who are choosing online education system than ordinary system we followed.

Online IELTS classes ranks third, where students are more comfortable and scores a band score of 7+ easily by choosing online studies. Imagine having a tutor who listens to your doubts and gives a one on one session just for you!! You wouldn’t get this in the outdated education system. Those days are over and out.