De Montfort University Leicester- A Guide For International Students

De Montfort University

More than 2700 international students choose to study at the prestigious De Montfort University (DMU) in Leicester each year. DMU is a renowned public university in the UK that offers over 200 accredited courses in diverse fields. The University has secured various awards and recognition for its excellent contributions to the education sector. The university is located in a vibrant city in the East Midlands of England. Leicester is considered one of the best cities for international students to live and study in UK. De Montfort University consistently ranks top among the most popular universities in UK. This blog will act as a useful guide for international students who wish to study at De Montfort University in the UK.

 De Montfort University in Leicester


A Brief History Of De Montfort University Leicester

The name of the university is attributed to Simon de Montfort, an Earl of Leicester who was instrumental in establishing the Parliament of England.  De Montfort University in the UK dates back its origin to 1870 when it started operation as the Leicester School of Art. Over the years it expanded and became the Leicester College of Art and Technology in 1927 and Leicester Polytechnic in 1966. DMU got the university status in 1992. The four major departments of the university include:

  1. Faculty of Arts, Design and Humanities 
  2. Faculty of Business and Law
  3. Faculty of Health and Life Sciences
  4. Faculty of Computing, Engineering, and Media 

The De Montfort University offers undergraduate, postgraduate, and foundation-level courses. Distance learning programs and post-registration healthcare courses are also available at DMU Leicester. You can also join research programs after your postgraduate degrees. 

Why is DMU Leicester Ideal for International Students?

De Montfort University is known for its innovative teaching methodologies and curriculum which include industry-relevant subjects. The university offers a supportive and nurturing environment for international students from diverse nationalities. DMU Leicester has a five-star rating in QS Stars University Ratings, which is an internationally recognized mark of quality. Only 15 other universities in UK and just over 100 universities worldwide have a five-star rating. The unique features that make De Montfort University stand out from the rest include the following.

  • Block Teaching

De Montfort University follows a ‘Block teaching’ methodology to offer students the best learning experience. Block teaching enhances student engagement and reduces student burnout. The university follows this new teaching methodology to achieve the goals of ‘Education 2030’. The Block teaching approach aims to bring better study-life balance by giving more focus on one subject at a time. This approach has several advantages some of which include regular, thorough assessments, in-depth subject knowledge, building stronger relationships among students and faculties, etc. This student-centered model of teaching at De Montfort University is highly beneficial for international students.

  • Careers and Employability Service

The dedicated career support team at De Montfort University, Leicester helps international students get work experience through internships, industry training, and part-time jobs. The university also opens up employability mentoring opportunities at leading brands like Disney, HSBC, L’Oréal, Rolls-Royce, etc. DMU offers lifelong career support for students. The careers and employability services offered by the university greatly support international students to gain work experience during their studies and for placements after graduation. 

  • Internships

De Montfort University follows a curriculum that is focused on developing career-oriented skills. The careers team at the university helps students get on-the-job training through internships. The internship schemes available to DMU students are:

  1. ACE Internships: This is a paid internship program for DMU undergraduates and lasts for 111 hours which means, you will need to spend around 18.5 hours per week. 
  2. Frontrunners: During this internship program you need to spend around 10 hours per week which can be arranged flexibly according to your lecture hours. Students get the opportunity to work with current DMU employees. 
  3. Graduate Champions: This paid internship program is for DMU graduates and lasts for 6 weeks where you need to spend 18.5 hours each week.
  • Events

De Montfort University organizes various events throughout the year. These events allow international students to learn more about the university and student life at the campus. You can visit DMU’s events page to get more information about the upcoming events and to book your spot. For instance, the university is organizing a ten-day-long summer school program-2024 for international students. 

  • Student Support

De Montfort University UK offers excellent student support services to make students comfortable on campus. The student support services at DMU will make your student life at the university happy and productive. In addition to academic support and career support the university offers the following services:

  • Mental Health Support: The University offers professional support to improve the mental health and well-being of students. Confidential counseling and mindfulness training offered by the team are commendable. 
  • Disability Advice and Support: The DSA (Disability Advice and Support) team supports students to overcome their disabilities, fully participate in academics, and enjoy the university experience.

Concluding Takeaways

The exclusive facilities and student support services offered by De Montfort University make it an excellent place to study in the UK. You can directly visit the official website of DMU to explore more about the various courses and facilities offered at the campus. If you find difficulties in the application process or lack information about the deadlines, it is advisable to get support from top overseas education consultants in Kerala like Choice International Education. In short, De Montfort University is worth considering if you are planning to do your higher studies in the UK.

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