germany study abroad

germany study abroad

Germany study abroad is evergreen ! why?

Most of the students choose germany study abroad with the mindset of starting a new life in one of the economically secured country. Germany is the third most popular destination among international students and stands fourth among the largest economy in the world. Germany is an attractive place to study and German university degrees are highly respected by employers worldwide.

To put it simply Germany is a country where you get “A lot of education for little money”.Its peculiar for Germany to stands among the best in countries and offer education for affordable fees than other world countries.Its surprising that most of the course they offer are nothing less than free.

Germany has an open-minded and tolerant society. The country has a high literacy rate, great freedom, high standard of living and world class education that enable them to deal with challenges. Punctuality is very important for Germans and they follow rules very strictly.

It is the largest and strongest economy in Europe, with the highest growth rate and GDP. It is one of the world’s largest car producers. Many of the Fortune 2000 companies have their headquarters there, the top being Volkswagen, BMW, Allianz, Bayer etc.

Indian students are counted as among the brightest in these fields also due to their command on the English language. Along with technical personnel, they also require business graduates for the expanding multi-national corporations and service sector.

Why study in germany ?

  • All professors with relevant Industry experience
  • Small Classrooms size for all programs
  • 20 years old, highly accredited German University
  • Top 10 ranked Business faculty and top 25 in International orientation
  • Direct entry to Bachelor program after 12th standard, no need for foundation year for UE
  • More than 60 partner universities and possibility for semester abroad
  • Programs with in-depth industry collaborations
  • University with high employability ratio
  • German language not needed for our English programs

About Germany

  • Name: Germany Federal Republic of Germany
  • Capital City: Berlin
  • Germany Population: 81,147,265 (2013 est
  • GDP per capita: $39,100 (2012 EST.)
  • Language: German
  • Part Time: 20 Hours/Week, During vacation 40Hours/week
  • Stayback: 18 Months
  • First-Class Education
  • Learning the Language
  • A Lot of Education for Little Money
  • A Practical Approach
  • Safe Environment
  • Open Society
  • Religious Freedom
  • Berlin: Start-up city and Europe’s creative centre
  • Potsdam: Silicon Valley of Germany
  • Hamburg: No 1 Digital Media City
  • Iserlohn: Surrounded by Innovative mid-sized companies

Germany Entry Requirement

Recognized language tests during the visa application process: Please provide proof of your language ability in the language of instruction required for your desired study course or preparatory course in Germany.

Without a preparatory language course, as a rule, at least B2-level in the language of instruction is required. Please note that for the visa process, only language certificates that are approved by the German government will be accepted (such as Goethe Institute / Max Mueller Bhavan / ÖST, DSD, IELTS and TOEFL)

  • 3 years Bachelor degree program total tuition fee after scholarship: 30,250 €
  • 1 year Masters program total tuition fees after scholarship: 13,500 €

Living expenses for students in Germany are relatively lower compared to countries like the US, UK, or Switzerland. The average monthly living expenses of a student in Germany is around € 600 – 1200 per month, includes expenses like accommodation, books & materials, lifestyle and others.

The total cost of living depends on factors like the location and type of lifestyle. International students are allowed to work for 90 full working days or 180 half working days in a year earning 10 to 15 Euros an hour.

International students will be required to block a total amount of € 11,172.00 per year for their stay in Germany. Students will be able to withdraw €931 per month for one year.

Why Choice International is the best Germany study abroad consultants ?

CHOICE INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION PVT.LTD is a well-known entity established in the year 2007 in the field of sending students abroad for higher education. Our core activity is to provide comprehensive career counselling for a better understanding of the educational scenario and career prospects overseas and to assist our pupils in making the right choice while pursuing these.

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