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CANADA – Computer Systems Technician – Networking Course – In Demand !!

A Computer / Network Support Technician earns an average salary of C$41,805 per year. Experience has a moderate effect on pay for this job.

The Computer Systems Technician – Networking program, offered in a two-year delivery format, gets you into the job market quickly.

The program, facilitated by the School of Engineering Technology and Applied Science, incorporates into its Computer Systems Technician courses the latest in computer systems and network technology to reflect the ever-growing innovations of the digital revolution.

In the offering, you:

  • Delve inside PC hardware and learn the intricacies of operating systems
  • Explore the most up-to-date computer systems and networks technology
  • Assemble and maintain systems that will empower users in creative, business a...
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Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technician – High Demand Field – CANADA

Salary and Career Info for Heating and Air Conditioning Technicians

Heating and air-conditioning technicians require little formal education. Learn about the training programs and apprenticeship opportunities, job duties and state license or certification requirements to see if this is the right career for you.

HVAC technicians have a median annual salary around $45,000. This profession requires either completion of a post secondary training program or an apprenticeship. Technicians also may need to be licensed, and they can choose to obtain voluntary certification in this field.

Essential Information

Heating and air conditioning technicians maintain, install and repair climate-control systems in homes, businesses and industries...

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The modern vehicle is a technical marvel on wheels. With computers and sophisticated power trains and engines, today’s vehicles need tech-savvy professionals with specialized skills to help keep them on the road. If a career that lets you get your hands dirty while keeping up-to-date on the many technical advances in vehicle manufacturing is important to you, the Motive Power Technician (Automotive) program will deliver the skills necessary for an in-demand career.

You’ll learn all there is to know about internal combustion spark ignition engines, power trains and related modern vehicle systems in cutting-edge shops and with state-of-the-art tools and diagnosing equipment...

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CANADA – 10 Benefits of Project Management Courses

10 Benefits of Project Management Courses

The value of project management courses will benefit you as well as everyone involved in the project management process, whether your superiors, colleagues or even your clients. Those skills will help you get the project up and running.

Greater Standing and Competitive Edge

Having strong project management skills-or certification will give you a competitive edge, whether in the employment market or among you colleagues at work. Project Management Certification, is one of the top 10 certifications in the world. Read more about he the top 10 certifications that really mean something.

Better Efficiency in Delivering Services

Project management provides a “roadmap” that is easily followed and leads to project completion.

Improved / Increased ...

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MSc in Gas Technology and Renewable Energy


Poznan University of Technology (PUT) grew out of the State School of Mechanical Engineering which was established in 1919. The autonomous state institution consisting of ten faculties providing didactics for about 21 thousand students. PUT offers Bachelor, Master and Doctorate courses in Polish and English. PUT works in the field of education with 200 European universities.

MSc in Gas Technology and Renewable Energy

Top 3 reasons to study here

  • One of the leading technical universities in Poland.
  • Studies in English at a high European level.
  • Interesting research opportunities and attractive extracurricular activities.



Tuition Fees


Academic Requirements

Education requirements

English language – level B2(Common European Framewor...

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France is one of the world’s most popular study abroad destinations. The two different kinds of educational institutes one can choose from are, Universities and “Grandes Ecoles” (competitive institutes).The intakes revolve around September/October.

The tuition fees at France’s leading universities are among the cheapest in the world, with annual fees averaging under US$1,000 per year for domestic and international students alike.

France is one of Europe’s leading countries with regard to the number of international students studying there, with a current figure of over 240,000 students...

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A degree in gaming: Ways to break into the games industry

Gaming – Know what it takes to be a computer game designer and explore career opportunities in the field of animation and gaming.

Did you know that the largest percentages of people who play video and computer games are older than 20 years? That this makes the gaming industry larger than the film industry in terms of gross revenue abroad? And that most blockbusters today owe their commercial success to the excellent computer generated imagery used in these movies?

Creating these wonderful masterpieces requires a delicate blending of art with science by teams of highly skilled professionals, including artists, animators, writers, designers, engineers and software developers working with cutting-edge technology and tools.

Why study gaming?

Experts have projected enormous potential for the...

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Bachelors/ Masters in Hospitality Management @ SWITZERLAND…


Hospitality management

Hospitality management is one of the courses that are in demand all around the world. It may come in many names; these are food service, hotel, tour, and travel business. When you study hospitality management there are lots of benefits you take and these are:

1)      Wide Range of Opportunities. Hospitality industry is very huge. You can find different hospitality companies any where in the globe. Because of this you will have unlimited opportunities for your career. You can choose to work in your local or find jobs abroad.

2)      Different Career Path. Graduates who study hotel management can choose a career based on their expertise or shift to a related to hospitality management...

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All Healthcare professionals will remain in high demand

In 2014, 15% of the Canada’s population was over 65 years old.  According to StatsCan, this is expected to increase to a whopping 24% over the next twenty.  This trend towards a higher average age in Canada will lead to a higher demand for all healthcare professional such as Personal Support WorkersDental AssistantsPhysiotherapy AssistantsMedical Office Assistants, etc.

Pharmacy Technicians are expected to be the highest in demand

In particular, we expect Pharmacy Technicians to be the highest demand career. PTs should not only benefit from increased demand for all healthcare professionals but also a shortage of pharmacy technicians...

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Why Study a Nursing & Midwifery Masters Degree in Ireland?

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Nurses and midwives work extremely hard in often very stressful settings for low wages. When they fail to meet the extremely high standards expected of them, they are rubbished by the media and when they get things right the most they can hope for is a thank you card from a patient or their family. On top of all that, the profession of midwifery makes everyone snigger because it is pronounced ‘mid-whiff-ery’. If you are one of the angelic people who knew all this but completed a degree in nursing or midwifery anyway, the hundreds of postgraduate courses here can help you acquire specialist skills and move up the pay scale. Whether it’s Child Protection, Community Health or Cancer Care you are interested in, there is a course here for you.

Both taught and research masters are offer...

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