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Poland,  is one of the largest countries in Central Europe, bordering Russia, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine.. Poland is a country noted for its safety and religious/cultural tolerance and Poland has long been recognised as a country of high educational standards and their education is accessible to international students due to its affordable tuition fees and moderate living costs. The tuition fees and other expenses are low compared to other European countries., but quality of education is really good in Poland.

  • Capital: Warsaw
  • Language: Polish
  • Currency: Zloty
  • Industry: Machine building, iron and steel, coal mining, chemicals, shipbuilding
  • Stay back: 1 Year
  • Part Time: 20 Hours/week
  • Top Quality education
  • Economical fees compared to other countries
  • Affordable costs of living
  • Strong economy on a steady growth path
  • Vibrant cities abuzz with activities all year round
  • Extremely safe country
  • Makes Entry easier to Germany and many European countries