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Motorsport Engineering

Employability: 90%

Be part of a World class environment and qualify yourself as the best in class.

Course information

Motorsport engineers can work on the design, testing and production of performance vehicles or become part of a racing team responsible for improving performance before, during and after a race.

This course aims to further your analytical skills and knowledge of the fundamental scientific and managerial concepts of engineering required to carry out a comprehensive range of mechanically related tasks, in areas such as stress, temperature, kinematics and dynamics.

Teaching is highly practical, focused on providing a thorough understanding of the fundamental principles of motorsport engineering and, more importantly, how this knowledge is applied in the industry.

Career prospects

Graduates in Engineering will have developed key skills employers require. With our reputation for excellence in motorsport and performance engineering and our strong industry links, successful graduates should be well prepared and qualified for a successful career in motorsport. Developing analytical and problem – solving skills.

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