Study Industrial Mechanical Millwright Technician in CANADA – High Demand

Industrial Mechanical Millwright Technician

A Millwright earns an average wage of C$29.78 per hour.



This program will prepare you to become a maintenance mechanic or technician by exposing you to the manufacturing, production and maintenance needs of several different industries. You will develop skills in the theory and practice of machine fabrication and maintenance procedures with an emphasis on the installation, service, repair and overhaul of industrial machinery.

Successful completion of this program will enable you to:

  • Work safely while performing maintenance functions in manufacturing or processing environments.
  • Select, align and install a variety of mechanical power transmission components.
  • Build pneumatic and hydraulic circuits following a schematic.
  • Use precision measuring tools.
  • Troubleshoot equipment and operate common machine tools (drills, mills, lathes and grinders) to repair or remake machine components.
  • Inspect and repair centrifugal pumps and valves.
  • Plan and safely perform rigging and hoisting operations.
  • Join metals using oxy-acetylene and electric arc welding techniques.
  • Read and interpret mechanical, electrical and fluid power prints and schematics.
  • Use applied math to perform a variety of trade-related calculations.
  • Design and interpret a conventional electrical relay ladder logic control diagram at a beginner’s proficiency level.
  • Design and interpret a programmable logic control diagram using offline programming techniques at a beginner’s proficiency level.
  • Explain the operation of AC/DC motor control systems.
  • Wire up and test elementary circuits using the various devices described above.



  • Apprenticeship as an industrial or construction mechanic millwright
  • Elevator device mechanic apprentice
  • Entry-level position as a machine builder
  • Inside or outside salesperson for mechanical or fluid power transmission distributor
  • Theme park and tourist facility mechanic
  • Transportation equipment manufacturer


  • Construction millwright industry
  • Fabrication companies
  • Food and pharmaceutical industries (plant maintenance/millwright)
  • Power generating companies
  • Machining industry
  • Millwright contracting companies
  • Nuclear industry (mechanical maintainer)
  • Renewable energy (wind and solar millwright companies)

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