The field of Culinary Arts offers extensive career opportunities in an exciting and challenging profession, since the possibilities are endless and employment opportunities can be obtained all around the globe.

Culinary Arts in Switzerland

The first step, as soon as you decide to enter the Culinary Industry, is to choose the right study program for you.The first year’s Diploma in Culinary Arts, offers students practical and professional core- competency training in food creation, so that they are capable and fully competent to contribute to the industry.

The programs in Culinary Arts offered by Switzerland, consist of  practical paid industry training period of 4-6 months.

During the studies, students are being introduced to the wonderful world of food, they learn about the basic food production techniques and understand what are the demands the industry requires from future culinarians. Students learn the basics of cooking and food preparation techniques, the essentials of culinary operations, nutrition, food safety, pastry and bakery and the many other tasks associated with the field.

Paid Industry Training in Switzerland

Experience is an integral building block in the culinary industry. During the industry training period, students become familiar with the working environment, common problems and procedures and customer expectations will provide invaluable insight into the industry. Individuals with the most experience are the first ones to be considered for upper level positions and promotions.


Career Placement in the Culinary Industry

Depending on the level of your education, there are a number of job opportunities in the booming food industry that you can benefit from. The kind of job that you can find depends on your specialization in Culinary Arts. People with basic knowledge in the Culinary field can start work as culinary assistants at restaurants while people who have advanced education such as degree holders and further experienced ones in culinary arts, can work with major hotels and restaurants as head chefs, menu designers and culinary experts.


Culinary arts degrees can help you pursue high paying careers in the culinary industry.

Graduate Placement

Masterwork, a company that provides global career and placement opportunities for graduates, and cooperates with numerous international placement agencies that specialize in placing our graduated students.

Through extensive, personal contacts with top executives, our team assists, mediates and helps graduates to navigate through the complex and demanding recruitment process. This service includes document preparation, further assistance with industrial profiling questions, various visa application processes, as well as telephone and video-conferencing skills.

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