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Advertising and Marketing Communications

About the Program

The Advertising and Marketing Communications program provides strategic and creative experiential opportunities within the exciting world of advertising. The primary strength of this advertising program is experiential learning, allowing students to be actively engaged in a dynamic learning process. This approach prepares students to be strong contributors in the classroom and in the workplace and allows them the opportunity to work consistently with clients to enhance their communication competencies.

The emphasis in the program is on the integration of creativity and planning by blending projects and assignments throughout the courses. Students learn about advertising principles and advertising sales management and develop advertising concepts from idea to finished product. They are also introduced to the principles of public relations, media planning, web design, event planning, and entrepreneurship.

A field placement provides first-hand experience to further prepare students for the advertising industry. A final capstone project allows students to demonstrate mastery in preparing and presenting an integrated marketing communications proposal to a client and in developing effective tactical solutions to advertising issues and opportunities.


Program Outcomes

  • Identify and respond to clients’ advertising and marketing communications* objectives by applying principles of marketing and communications.
  • Perform a market segmentation* analysis, identify the organization’s target market/audience* and define the consumer behaviour of each segment.
  • Develop an advertising plan and present and defend it persuasively.
  • Contribute to evaluating the effectiveness of advertising and marketing communications* initiatives.
  • Collaborate in the development of advertising and marketing communications* material, in compliance with current Canadian legislation, industry standards and business practices.
  • Participate in the development of creative solutions to address advertising and marketing communications* challenges.
  • Contribute to planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating projects by applying the principles of project management.
  • Complete all work in a professional, ethical and timely manner.

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