Key Benefits of Studying in New Zealand


Key Benefits of Studying in New Zealand

If you have decided to study in New Zealand, you indeed have made a smart choice! Courses in New Zealand are known for their excellent standards of quality and detail. International students from across the world are coming to this amazing nation to pursue higher studies and embark on a global career. Study abroad consultants are helping many students from India go to this land of academic excellence every year!

Pros of studying in top universities in New Zealand…

So, what is so special about New Zealand when you decide to go there for higher education? Well, the academic institutions there have strong international ranking and the teaching staff is excellent. They cater to the personal needs of the student in class and are a powerhouse of knowledge. Educational degrees and courses in New Zealand have global recognition. The degrees you obtain here are at par with Universities in Canada, Australia, USA and UK.

Five of New Zealand’s universities are ranked in the top 400 universities across the globe. They were listed in the 2013–2014 Times Higher Education World University Rankings. There are 22 Technological and Polytechnic Universities that provide skill and vocational training to both domestic and international students. Besides the above, there is a large number of private tertiary institutes in the land that give you a wide array of study options in various subjects.

Given below are the primary benefits of studying in New Zealand-

· Low cost of living- If you are looking for a study abroad locale that will give you academic excellence and value for money, New Zealand is your destination. International students are able to get financial help and support in the form of grants and scholarships.

· Diverse Cultural Environment- It is great fun to study with people from all parts of the world. The natives of New Zealand always give a warm welcome to international students so that they can easily integrate and become a part of their culture.

· Safe and secure- New Zealand shares the reputation of being a safe and secure destination where the crime rates are low. It is listed in the 3rd position of the Global Peace Index. International students are especially taken care of by the strict guidelines formulated under The Code of Practice for The Pastoral Care of International Students. It is mandatory for every education provider to abide to this code. The Ministry of Education in New Zealand has laid strict emphasis on this.

· Scholarships-International students get the chance to choose from a wide range of scholarships available for their studies.

· Spouse permit- Post graduate and some Level 7 students are allowed to bring their spouses with full work rights

· Post study work permit- Students of Levels 5,6,7 , 8 and 9 are

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