Great Opportunity – Study & Settle in CANADA


How To Study And Settle In Canada

It’s not a secret anymore that the entire youth brigade of the nation, or rather, the world, wants to study and settle in Canada for the very obvious reasons. But if it was that easy, then everybody would have done that! So now you must be wondering what does it takes to study and settle in Canada. Here’s the answer –
Say Hello to SPP

SPP stands for Student Partners Program. SPP is designed by the collaborative efforts of the Canadian visa Offices in India and The Association of Canadian Community Colleges (ACCC) for improving the outcomes of visa applications for Indian students who are aiming for studies abroad. Thing which very few students know is that if you apply under SPP, the chances of you getting the visa increases!

Here are some advantages of applying under SPP:

  • Fast visa processing
  • Advance medicals reports
  • Quality of the institutions is assured
  • Less documents required for visa
  • Income Tax Proof not required

Here the requirements if you’re planning to apply under SPP Program –

  • The student should have a minimum of 50% or ‘C’ grade in their most recently completed degree/diploma.
  • Medical examination from an SPP approved Physician is essential prior to submitting the visa application form.
  • The Letter of Acceptance should have planned start date and end date of the program.
  • It is mandatory to give the IELTS and should score a minimum of 6.0.
  • Full mark sheets are required. (Consolidated mark sheet are not acceptable).
  • More than one year of gap is not recommended.

Three Common Mistakes Responsible for visa Rejection

  1. Poor Documentation
  2. Over explanation of the case
  3. Selecting Wrong visa category


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