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Now, education is more than anything a global experience. Variant cultural exposure and interaction, and advanced educational opportunities mark off abroad education. It is to assist the candidate’s dream of overseas education that CHOICE INTERNATIONAL was established in 2007. Since then, we as a team worked hard to achieve our current status as one of the most trusted educational consultancy in Kerala, based in Cochin, INDIA.

Popular Courses

Sports and Sports Management 

victor-cruz Do you think you can promote a better sports culture with effective training? Qualifying yourself with studies in sports and sports management will bring a  strong credit to your academics. You will be trained on everything that includes performance training, functional strength, core training and injury  prevention. You will be trained with personal trainers who will run customized fitness programs in sports and sports management. You will also have chances  to interact with sports persons who can inspire you with their achievements.

Tourism and Hospitality Management

new Tourism is one of the fastest-growing industries - one that benefits not only the travelers, but the large and small communities that are toured.  Now more  than any time in the past, this field demands skilled professionals that possess strong cross-cultural communication, international experience and  understanding of other cultures and peoples. That’s why a study abroad experience is one of the best things you can do during your college years.  No matter  the niche of this field that you hope to enter, international experience would be much to your benefit.

Business Management

business-management-consulting-1-hour Have good leadership skills? Got what it takes to be a good manager? Don't postpone your MBA study any further Taught by top researchers in their field,  Management degree gives you a practical overview of how businesses and managers operate in an international environment and provide you with an  excellent foundation in the core disciplines of management studies.

Logistics Management

newlLogistics management is that part of the supply chain that plans, implements, and controls the efficient, effective forward and reverse flow and storage of goods, services, and related information between the point of origin and the point of consumption in order to meet customer requirements. A professional working in the field of logistics management is called a logistician. One definition of business logistics speaks of "having the right item in the right quantity at the right time at the right place for the right price in the right condition”.


newn Nursing abroad can be a very rewarding and valuable experience, offering challenges and a new outlook on health care. Many nurses find that the experience  enhances their development and increases their confidence both in a personal and a professional capacity.Opportunities for nurses to work overseas are  varied, ranging from working with development organizations in remote, rural conditions, to working in developed countries in highly technical  environments.


newcp Computer Science programmes provide a broad, rigorous treatment of the fundamental principles of the discipline, combined with their modern day  application. You begin your degree studying a range of subjects, including Software Development, Information Systems and Digital Systems. In your second  year, you follow several core subjects including Databases, Human Computer Interaction and Software Design. If you follow our Study Abroad programme,  you'll complete your second year at one of our leading partner institutions in Europe, the USA, Canada or Australia.


newen Engineering is the discipline or profession that molds a person's scientific, economic, social, practical and even economic know-how. This profession is best  for those who envision grandiose machines, structures, systems or materials in their heads and wish to make it a reality. Engineers tirelessly hone their  talents in order to create safe, modern and innovative creations that can better the human situation. Their efforts shape the path of mankind and inspire  dreamers like themselves to push the boundaries and bring to life what was once impossible.


ls The course where the student is taught basics of designing, developing, producing, operating and using an aircraft, especially if it is a craft that is heavier than  air. This is a course that deals with utmost precision, especially when the aircraft is being designed and produced. Manufacturing and operating an aircraft  requires great skill. That is what is expected of those who take up aviation. The entry requirements will vary per educational institution.


family-holding-hands1 Cover study skills, Literature and Mathematics, History and Sociology as main areas of study. Business, Media, Law, Psychology and Health Sciences are the  five majors offered as subjects of specialization in Humanities and you’re allowed to choose the major based on your interest. Are you highly fascinated by  the thoughts of Humanitarian virtues—the main drive for human endeavour?  Any vocational degree till masters in the subject of Humanities will teach you  skill sets to establish and execute humanitarian laws and theories.

Fashion Designing

fashion-designer-5 Specialist institutions overseas provide international students with the academic knowledge and specialized practical instruction to prepare them for entry  and senior level positions in the global fashion industry. Subject areas covered include textiles, history of fashion, styles and trends, fashion art, advanced  sewing techniques, sketching, fashion business administration amongst others.

Social Science

global_business_r Do you think you have the capacity in you to grow as an extensive social reformer? You must then pursue qualification in the Social Sciences. With diplomas  to master’s in Social Sciences, you will attain a concrete foundation for your environmental skills. Sessions with renowned and experienced social reformers  will teach you the importance of dignity, equality and social justice. You will also be taught to handle challenging social issues and to utilize social theories for  developing a people centric society.


newm With the increased role of the internet to deliver news, media companies are focusing on convergence of publishing, broadcasting and digital  communication. Given this a career in Mass Communication and Media would suit you well. Typical courses covered are Film and television studies,  Journalism, Public relations and Design & Digital media. Mass communication and Media courses open doors for a career in films & TV, publishing, public  relations, journalism, direction, filmmaking, scriptwriting & production to name a few.


medical-billing-coding-schools-250x250 Medicine is the science that deals with healing and it includes various healthcare branches which help develop knowledge, restore health of the sick,  prevention of illnesses and the treatment of ailments. Life science is called biology or the study of life and living organisms as well. A student would learn  about structure, pattern of growth, evolution, origin, taxonomy and distribution of a certain organism. Biology is a widespread subject with many  subdivisions and disciplines. This is the study of cells, genes, specie evolution, internal structures of an organism, and how each living organism makes or  uses energy.


ls (1) Law is the system of rules of conduct established by the government of a society to correct mistakes, maintain a stable society and give justice to those who  have been wronged. As a lawyer, attorney, counsel or solicitor, one is expected to learn the practical applications of legal theories from his or her country or  state. A lawyer requires extensive knowledge of laws and rules that govern the state or country and be able to solve specific problems. Lawyers are hired to  perform legal services for the government or a civilian.


colorPencils Are you a person with stimulating thoughts and creative ideas? A degree in art will allow you to showcase your talents. A programme in art will hone the skills  in you and develop the creative potential. An art degree offers modules that include drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture and photography. Successful  graduates can pursue a career in a wide variety of art related fields.

Petroleum Engineering

newp A petroleum engineering graduate can find employment opportunities in oil and gas extraction, oil companies, refinery plants, independent oil exploration,  production and service companies.The graduates of petroleum engineering can also work as oil and gas drilling engineers, petroleum engineers, completion  petroleum engineers, oil and gas production engineers, petroleum reservoir engineers or subsea engineers.They can also work on designing the tools and  operation procedures in order to develop their efficiency in the recovery of oil and gas.

Oil & Gas

chemicalplant The Oil & Gas sector is developing at a fast pace in today's global market economy, by setting new professional development priorities and demanding  qualified professionals in both onshore and offshore operations. Training for engineering professionals in the Oil & Gas sector covers upstream operations,  like exploration and production, downstream processes, such as refining, transportation and marketing, as well as more specific onshore and offshore  operations.

Aeronautical Engineering

best-colleges-for-aerospace-engineering Stop a moment and look up to the sky! Have you ever thought about a career that is beyond the conventional? One that will enable you to reach for the sky?  Think no further. Think aeronautical engineering!The aerospace industry is world-class and is at the forefront of scientific and technological developments.  This makes it one of the most diverse, technically advanced, challenging and exciting industries to work in today.


newan Animation Course in Abroad universities considered 10+2 as a minimum requirement for animation course. You can do Animation engineering from  abroad.Its includes 3d, 2d graphics all the software, also matters to get in good university.

  • Globally recognized qualification
  • High-quality education with supreme infrastructure facilities
  • Develop fluency in the language of business – English
  • Accelerated mode of study: Bachelor – 2Yrs., Masters – 1Yr.
  • Universities ranked among the best in the world
  • Possibility to work in an international multi-cultural environment after study
  • Possibility to immigrate to a country with a high standard of living

  • Friendly, Informative Counseling 
  • Affordable fees
  • Guaranteed hassle free admissions in top universities 
  • Bank loan assistance 
  • Competent VISA documentation
  • Pre departure briefings 
  • Travel & Accommodation assistance

“At Choice, students get to choose from a variety of Diplomas, Bachelors and Masters Programs in UK, USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Singapore”

We are providing free services for our registered students, it never touched quality of our services. Once the student is registered in CHOICE INTERNATIONAL, we guarantee our free assistance for admission, visa documentation, forex, travel, airport pick up, and accommodation. We also aid our applicant to find out eligible scholarships and provide them with legal experts who can back them in documentation procedure. CHOICE INTERNATIONAL gives its students guidance for educational loans, provided by authorized banks in Kerala.  Our former students at various colleges and universities are always there to advice and lead candidates.


For the present, we have more than 1000s of students studying at various well reputed colleges and universities in countries known for their educational standards and facilities. We have alliance with universities and colleges worldwide especially to countries like UK, USA, Australia, New-Zealand, Canada, Singapore etc.

“For students who are longing for international academic life and work experience CHOICE INTERNATIONAL is the best choice to begin with.”


Being a Registered Center of British Council and as a member of the ‘Association of  International Educational Consultants’ and  ‘Association of  Foreign Education Consultants of  India’, CHOICE INTERNATIONAL can proudly exhibit its  towering success rate.


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